Handmade by Andreas - Haubenthal

Craftsmanship in South Tyrol: unique objects and pieces of furniture

A love of woodworking

Andreas – the man who whispers to wood.  This is the impression you get when you watch Andreas at work: with sheer dexterity, love, and expertise, he can create a unique object from a simple piece of wood.

Ancient wisdom of the carpenter

„With a circular saw, milling machine, plane, and his own hands, the carpenter creates objects for the delight of man.“

(Ancient wisdom of the carpenter)

Almost all the wooden furniture on the farm – with the exception of the entrance doors and the chairs in the apartments - was handcrafted by Andreas.
Including, for example:

  • Interior doors, finishes, and balconies
  • Various benches, tables, raised beds, fences
  • Huts and stalls for pigs, chickens, rabbits and horses
  • Crucifixes, towel rails, toilet roll holders and hairdryer mounts
Andreas at work

Nothing is left to chance

All the raw materials used come from our own woods.
Everything possible is made of wood, and everything made of wood is kept and recycled: for example, the wood waste goes into our wood chip plant, firewood is used to fuel the stove, wood it is made into planks, and our new guest beds are made from old headboards. Most of this work with wood takes place on the farm.

Prepare to be amaze

Our regular guests always find surprises waiting for them, because every year some new handcrafted item is added, either in the apartments or around the farm. Come and watch Andreas at work, and he’ll explain what he is doing. Alex, our oldest child, is already lending us a hand and learning to do intricate carving ...

Like father like son

Andreas was interested in farming and woodworking even as a child.
He attended the agricultural school in Teodone and successfully completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter; he now works at the Kamelger Hartwig carpentry shop in Villabassa, where he has been since 2002. His father, Hons, is also a craftsman - he is skilled in iron-working and has helped build various things on the farm.