Haubenthal Farm and animals

Farm with animals - A holiday with your pet in the Dolomites - Val Pusteria

Outdoors with Hanni, Nanni, Susi and Garfield

The most enjoyable thing on our farm?
Our animals: we keep cows, heifers, rabbits, goats, cats, guinea pigs, Haflinger horses, chickens, roosters and wild pigs.

Children help out in the stables

… and what’s even more enjoyable?

You and your children can help out in the stables, feeding the animals, collecting the eggs, changing the straw for the horses, bringing the goats back to the stables in the evening, tossing the hay in the barn, and much more.


Our playground

And when the animals are all warm in the stables, the fun carries on: our playground with slides, swings, sandboxes, pedal tractors and scooters is the perfect place to let off steam!

Hanni & NannyThe naughty nanny goats

… ... can’t wait to get out to their lovely pen, next to the stream. And then, in the evening, you can help us take them back to the stable. But beware: goats are also very cunning! Never leave the stable door open! Otherwise there’ll be nothing left of our beautiful flowers!

Roosters and hensThe dizzy damsels and conceited king of the coop

… Although they have their own enclosure, they often go to visit the goats and cool off by the stream. And sometimes they come up and “inspect” our new guests.

Susi & GarfieldOur cuddly cats

… They were two suspicious strays... gaining their trust wasn’t easy, but now they’re two cuddly balls of fluff. If you get on well with Susi, she’ll drape herself round your shoulders and take a tour of the garden. Garfield, on the other hand, likes to hang around the stable with the heifers, even giving them a lick from time to time.

Zamira, Dalia & ConnyOur friendly Haflinger mares

Zamira (born on the farm in 2016) and the fillies Dalia (2020) and Conny (2019) have a whole meadow to graze in, but they love receiving visitors. And if you feel like mucking out their stalls, you’re very welcome!

Red Pied, Alpine Gray and Holstein FriesianOur peaceful heifers

We breed Red-spotted and Holstein Friesian cattle, but also the now rare Grey Alpine breed. Some of the herd spend summer at the farm, including the young heifers (about 7 to 10 of them) and the pregnant cows about to give birth. The rest of the herd, on the other hand, go up to graze at the Stolla, Cavallo and Putz mountain pastures. In spring and autumn, the whole herd is down at the farm, making a total of about 30 animals.


Holidays with your dog
in the Dolomites

Your 4-legged friends are welcome: we provide bowls, bags and blankets. Dogs can have a run around the garden, but also along the stream or in the woods near the farm. Any tips for good dog walks? Through the wood to the Eggerberger road; downhill from here to the Church at Moso, and then along the track back to our farm (approx. 20 minutes).