Your hosts

A glimpse behind the scenes

The hospitality of Katherina and Andreas

Katherina host and masseuse ... but also the “woman who whispers to flowers”

… gives you a warm welcome when you arrive! Katherina not only looks after you and helps ease your tense muscles, but also takes care of her three youngsters, the rabbits, goats, cats and gorgeous flowers. She’ll take your children to feed the rabbits, and show you all the workings of a farm.

Andreashost and wood-carver... but also the “man who whispers to animals”

… takes loving care of the cows, horses and pigs. However, he not only loves the life of the farm, but also his woodworking business. His second job is as a carpenter, and he’s sure to impress you with his fine pieces of furniture. His enthusiasm is contagious. Stop by the farmhouse, and have a chat over a cold beer and get to know him better.

Alex, Elias und Jakob The 3 young rascals

The three youngest members of the family are almost always outdoors, playing in the fields and woods. They can’t wait to meet you and make friends!

Paula und HonsThe “Young Inside”

Because it’s impossible to do everything on the farm just by snapping your fingers, helpers are always welcome, and Andreas’ parents are happy to lend a hand too. Whether it’s working in the fields, in the garden or in the apartments, they’re always ready to help out.

A ❤ love of nature

Renewable energy is very important to us: our wood chip system supplies the farm and apartments with energy all year round, and is powered by wood from our forest.


A ❤ love of handmade things

Did you know that almost everything here is made by hand? Andreas is an enthusiastic carpenter and has a real talent for making wooden furniture.
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Andreas at work

A ❤ love of home produce

You’ll find this on our farm: eggs (all year round / depending on availability) | potatoes, cabbage, beetroot, onions, garlic, leeks, pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers (late summer - autumn / depending on availability) | salad, rocket, chives, parsley, marjoram, lemongrass, sage, oregano, basil, rosemary (in summer / can be picked freely) | elderberry syrup, mint syrup (in summer / depending on availability) | herbal infusions with herbs from our garden (in winter / depending on availability)

Herbs from our garden